ZO Rooms App: Trick To Earn Unlimited Zo Cash From Refferal & Book Unlimited Rooms [Updated]

Hello Readers , Today I am Back with another room app known as “ZoRooms App“.
ZoRooms provides comfortable accommodation, at a location of your preference, anytime you prefer, and at unbeatable prices. Unlike others, ZO Rooms is just a call away. So after Oyo Rooms, its time to enjoy ZoRooms. Here in this post, I will guide about two things, one is how to earn more referral money and another one is to book free ZoRooms hotels upto Rs.1000.
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Update:  Now you can use full ZoCash while hotel booking !!


Steps To Follow :

1. Firstly Download & Install ZoRooms Android App: Click Here .
2. After Install , Open App & create new account [ No Email or Mobile Verification required].
3. Once you sign up, your account will be credited with Rs.500 as a joining reward.
4. Now goto Menu and click on “Earn Zo Cash”.
5. Finally enter this code : NAVEE568 to earn another Rs.500. 
*Finally you Earned 500+500 = 1000 Zo Cash in your account.
6. Now go and Book any hotel as per your choice.
7. On next page, you can use upto Rs.1000 ZoCash, just use it.
8. On coupon box, enter this coupon code to get extra 30% discount : ZOOP30 .
*So finally you got 1000 discount using ZoCash & Extra 30% discount using coupon code.

How To Get Unlimited ZoCash :

1. Once you follow all above steps, note down your referral code.
2. Now download ZoRooms in Bluestacks.
3. In Email, enter any disposable email like yopmail, maildrop, etc.
4. Enter same number which you entered in your main account.
5. Once you sign up, goto Earn ZoCash tab and enter your own referral code.
6. So in new account also, you got Rs.1000 + Rs.500 extra in your main account.
6. Now if you wish you can book another Room using your new account which you craeted in Bluestacks and use your 1000 ZoCash + ZOOP30 coupon for extra 30% discount.

* Follow same process again and again to book unlimited rooms and to earn unlimited Zocash.

Note : Maximum you can earn Rs.5000 using referral, so once you reach Rs.5000, use another account’s referral code.

Enjoy this superb trick and stay in hotels for free.

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