Trick To Get Unlimited ZenMate VPN Premium Subscription

About ZenMate Vpn:  Zenmate is A Kind of VPN , Which is Used For Our Safety Meanwhile We Can Change or Hide Our Real IP Address And Browse Simultaneously, And No one can trace Our Real IP Address And Now Its Giving Free Premium Subscription For 3 Months. And it’s Also Available in Chrome, Mozilla And Opera Plugins And In Android And ios App Too.  Meanwhile, You can Protect Your Android, Pc And Ios Mobile too. In this post, i am sharing Unlimited Zenmate VPN Trick. You can increase Your Premium Subscription By 1 Year Plus. So Follow below steps to activate free 3 months Premium Subscription & extend your subscription up to 1 year using our Unlimited Zenmate VPN Trick.

Unlimited Zenmate VPN Trick

Steps To Follow: 

1). Install ZenMate On Your Device:

For PC Users-

Install Browser Extensions: Chrome Extension |  Mozilla Extension | Opera Extension

For Windows/PC: Click Here

For Android Users: Install Zenmate Android App: Click Here.

For iOS Users: Install App- Click Here.

2). Create a new Acc. onZenMate Or Login: Click Here

3). Now to Get 3 Months Premium Subscription: Visit Here

4). Now Click on GET FREE PREMIUM NOW 

5). Now solve the captcha & Share the link on Facebook.

6).  Now click on FREE and you will get Your free premium VPN for 3 months.


7). That’s It!! Now you can use your acc. on any device.

Trick To Increase Unlimited Validity:

  1. Open Incognito window of your browser and Visit Here.
  2. Now Click on GET FREE PREMIUM NOW
  3. Now solve the captcha & share the link on your another facebook account.
  4. Now copy the URL of the page and paste in the Dashboard of your Zenmate account. Now your premium will extend for 3 more months. You can repeat these steps multiple times.
  5. You Have to generate Each link Code Everytime To Extend 3 Months Validity.


Thanks For Reading This Post. Stay Tuned For Tricks And Offers.

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