Trick To Use Ladooo App In Bluestacks App Player

Hello Readers, After a long time back I got something different to share with you all. Many of  you have more numbers but you are fail to loot Ladooo just because of its mobile verification method. Then get relax, here is an awesome way to use Ladooo application in Bluestacks. Now you can use ladooo in Bluestacks by following some simple steps. This trick is truly amazing and can be used in other apps to which require mobile verification . 





Requirements :

1) Rooted Bluestacks App Player Click Here To Download .
2) Textra Sms App Click Here  .
3) Fake Text Message Click Here .

Steps To Use Ladooo Application In Bluestacks :

1. First Of All , Download & Install Ladooo app in your mobile-  Click Here .
2. Verify your number and finally note down your referral link.
*Skip above steps if you are already using Ladooo.
3. Start Bluestacks and install Textra & Fake Text Message from above link.
4. Now Open Textra App >> Click on Start Using Textra >> Now it will prompt you to make default app, just click on it and click on Yes.
5. Now Install Ladooo application in Bluestacks using your own referral link which you copied in step 2 and install.
6. Now open app and enter your another mobile number for verification process.
7. Once you receive verification code in your mobile, tap home page of Bluestacks and goto contacts and create new contact like MD-ladooo, MM-ladooo, etc.
8. Finally enter any number in the place of number and save contact.
9. Now open Fake Text Message app and click on Contacts and select same contact which you created in step 8.
10. Now in ” Message” box, type same verification message which you received in sms.
11. Now click on “Date and time of message” and set time to one minute later. Suppose its 12:40 PM in PC , then set 12:41 PM.
11. Finally, click on ” Fake “.



* So finally we have created fake message using Fake Text Message app and Textra App will pass this message to Ladooo application.
13. Now open Ladooo application and restart verification process again by clicking on Ladooo earning tab from top right corner.
↓↓ Proof ↓↓
Note : This trick is only for educational purpose, we are not responsible for any loss.
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      • also downloaded messaging, the message app of android, msg arrived in it but taskbucks not reading it & not auto verifying !!

        Please reply soon admin bro !

  1. bro same number to feed in contact for DZ-TBUCKS?? this is task bucks sms sender name.. no can be anything while feeding contact?????


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