Trick To Transfer Snapdeal Sd Cash Into Freecharge Wallet + Transfer Freecharge Wallet Money To Bank

Hello Readers, Today I am sharing two amazing features Of Snapdeal & Freecharge. Now you can transfer sd cash into freecharge wallet with a simple trick then you can use that money for recharge mobile and shopping on snapdeal. You can also transfer your freecharge wallet money to bank acc. So isn’t it an awesome feature. I like this awesome feature . So Follow below procedure to transfer sd cash in bank acc.


Steps To Follow:

Trick To Transfer Snapdeal Sd Cash Into Freecharge Wallet:


1). Firstly Visit Snapdeal Click Here and Click on My Account button.

2). Login to your Snapdeal account.

3). If you haven’t upgraded your FreeCharge account then Snapdeal will ask you to do so.

4). Then Enter Your No. And verify otp.

5). Once Upgraded , Make an order on Snapdeal

6). For Example if you have Rs.550 SD Cash then order a product which price is Rs.550 or more.

7). Once Ordered Something then cancel it immediately.

8). You will get your Refund in Freecharge wallet (SD Cash) and amount which has been paid online – if any (It will be transferred back to your bank account). So you have Got your SD Cash in your Freecharge wallet – Visit to see your acc. balance.

Transfer Freecharge Wallet Money To Bank:


1). Firstly , Login to Freecharge account: Click Here .

2). After login, it will prompt you to enter Mobile number for verification purpose.

3). Enter your mobile number and click on Continue.

4). Now Enter Otp. To verify your no.

5). After verification, you will see Upgrade Successful message from there just click on Transfer Instantly.


6). Now goto Cash tab from right Menu tab and click on withdraw Money To bank option.


7). Finally click on Add A Bank and enter your bank details to transfer Freeecharge wallet money in Bank account.

Note :  you can transfer Min. Rs.50 and maximum Rs.5000 in a single transaction. Monthly limit Rs.25000.You can also use your Freecharge wallet money to shop in Snapdeal website. 

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  1. Who says minimum transfer amount is 50rs ? – u can even transfer- 5rs/10rs with 0 processing fee – IMPS instant transfer


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