Trick To Bypass Flipkart Mobile Verification & Earn Unlimited Gift Vouchers [Product Updated]

Hello Guyss , hope you guys are enjoying Flipkart Refer & Earn Offer and feeling sad now because now they have updated their terms & conditions where referred person have to purchase anything then only you will get Flipkart Vouchers. Do not worry, Today I am back with an exclusive trick through which you can still loot Flipkart vouchers.


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Steps To Follow :

1. Start Bluestacks Rooted Version.
2. Download Flipkart apk ver 2.5.4 from Here .
3. Once you download above apk file of Flipkart, right click on it and open with Bluestacks.
4. Now wait for sometimes, let it load.
5. Once it load, open it and sign up new account [ No mobile verification required ].
6. Now minimize Bluestacks & download Flipkart latest version from Here .
7. Once you download new version, right click — open with Bluestacks.
8. Now you can see notification to enter referral code, enter this referral code : iop0uu.
9. Finally open newly created account in PC and purchase this New EBook worth Rs.1 : Click To Purchase .
Update :  That 1 Re. Product is Permanently Discontinued By Flipkart So i added new product
10. Make a payment of Rs.1 using GV or anything you wish.
11. Once you paid, you will receive Gift Voucher in new account as well as old whose referral code you used.
12. After all above steps, open Bluestacks Tweaker then change GUID, ANdroid ID and restart Bluestacks.
Follow above process again and again to loot unlimited Gift Vouchers.
Enjoyy 😀

128 thoughts on “Trick To Bypass Flipkart Mobile Verification & Earn Unlimited Gift Vouchers [Product Updated]”

  1. This worked well for the first time , but after uninstalling the flipkart app, changing Bluestacks settings and reinstalling, it is not asking for referral code. There is some problem.

  2. hlo bro…. quite confused in buying this ebook…..when i refer someone than he will not have any gift voucher, so how can i purchase this ebook. are you suggesting that, i should use my earlier GVs ( from different flipkart accounts) to buy this ebook or what?

  3. i cant find thid ebook on app, and when i am logging into desktop website, then it is asking for a verification code on email address….but that email address is fake and it does not even exist. so do i have to put a working email id?

  4. nice trick …but after 8 pm , i am not getting 50 rs for new account. reply soon till it is worked or not ?

  5. applied voucher to purchase….my voucher value is gone…after cancellation of the order also did i not get credited with referral bonus

  6. now they are giving 25 rs vouchers, it means 325 rs maximum order snapdeal appshare is much better than this flipkart is fake

  7. the trick is nt working
    no option of entering referal code in notification tab, bt on opening invite and earn tab & entering referal code & purchasing e book still no cr of voucher !

  8. Plz write ebook name hear..which price i am trying this trick on mob and i got voucher but wn i not found 1r ebbok

  9. when i try buying ebook of rs1 i get a msg which reads that ”international purchase of this item is currently not available”

  10. hello bro, please confirm this…i think maximum referrals reduced to 3 only and they are giving 25 per referral, means only rs 75

  11. when i try to purchase the ebook i get an errormessage that international purchase of this item is not available i am from india curently in india

    • sign up process is working…
      but referal box option not showing….
      what to do.
      and they decreased referral amount 25 rs……

      plzz reply #ASAP

  12. Its been too long, and still this trick is working fine!!
    You have found a nice trick, Naveen sir…,
    Nice work!!

  13. At bypass method, in app account created..but when we open it into PC .needs varify at that time what do?? Kindly help

  14. My Earning Tab is not loading in new accounts !
    Says Login to see Despite being already Logged In !

    Having same problem anyone ?

  15. Navin, when I use flipkart bypass generate properly, via fake mail generator but when login this id into app at that time apply code not show..any help??…thanks for support..

  16. sir,, please give me the link for bluestacks rooted version link.. .and bluestacks tweaker link.. i googled it.. dbut didn’t found..please

  17. When you enter the Refferal code in Bluestack & click Redeem it says “You are eligible to win Rs 50 Gift Voucher on your First Purchase”
    & still we get Rs 25 voucher

    Whats that ?

  18. I am rajat naveen your site is excellent and my favorite of one
    In this flipkart ebook payment option did not show pay with gift voucher please help

  19. fake email generator is not working i tried 5 times send diff diff email verification code….but mail not came from flipkart…but it working in gmail….plz help me what i do?

  20. bhai , in Bs tweaker there is no option for changing android id, (instead unkonwn ) option is shown on android id option, please reply what to do..

  21. If any one wants to Sell/Exchange Rs. 50 Coupon, ( Siddharthjain2009 @ gmail . com ) Mail me ! I need them!

  22. From today, not getting any gv..
    Can someone confirm???, used to get them by doing same process, but now not generating

  23. Same is happening with me..
    Vouchers are taking hours to come and sometimes, many of them are not even coming

  24. Are you getting continuosly or the same is happening, gv are coming late and for some accounts only??
    Actually I have been buying this ebook from day 1 only

  25. hi naveen ,i have earn now 15000. i am really happy .my doubt is can i try cod trick for frst purchese. Then no need to buy anything. Rply frst. Im waiting.


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