How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Android Device

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app on android, windows and iOS devices. It has become a great alternative to the default text messaging app because of it’s cool features. As the trend of dual sim phones is increasing most of us own dual sim mobile phones. Today I’m going to share How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Android Device.


How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Android Device
How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Android Device


How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Android Device:


1). Download & Install Modded Version Of Whatsapp Known As GB Whatsapp: Click Here To Download Or Mirror Link-Mediafire (Don’t need to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp).

2). After Install, Open the App & Click On Agree And Continue.

3). Now on next Screen, Enter the second number on which you want to use WhatsApp and click on Ok.

4). Now You will receive an one time verification code(OTP) on that number, Enter that OTP to verify the number.

5). Now on next screen, Enter your name & Upload your profile picture  which you want to use on your second number.

6).  Now Click on next and your second WhatsApp account is ready to use.

Method 2:
  1. Take a backup of your chats in original whatsapp.
  2. Uninstall Original whatsapp.
  3. Install gbwhatsapp from link given above .
  4. Restore and use.
  5. Now install whatsapp from playstore and use another number to verify.
  6. Done, Enjoy 2 WhatsApps !
How To Use Both Account Without Switching:

gb whatsapp

Update: In the new version of whatsapp, Gbwhatsapp changed its name from GBwhatsapp to whatsapp so open first whatsapp icon to use second number.

You can see two WhatsApp icons. One WhatsApp GB and the second is original WhatsApp . Whenever you want to chat using your second WhatsApp number then open GB WhatsApp and whenever you want to use your first number use the original WhatsApp.

Note: You will get chat notifications from both these numbers

Features Of GB WhatsApp
  • Custom Themes – You can download various theme created by GB WhatsApp users.
  • You can totally customize everything.
  • You can share video clips upto 30 megabytes, By default WhatsApp has 16 Mb limit.
  • As you might know that whenever you share some pictures on WhatsApp it’s size get’s automatically reduced which results loss in image quality. Here you can enable max resolution while sharing pictures, so no more loss in image quality.
  • No need to use Applock or any other security apps, You can directly lock WhatsApp.
  • We can hide last seen, blue ticks , second tick, online and typing status too.
  • Have you noticed whenever we copy some messages on WhatsApp the time and date gets copied too. This bug is fixed in GB WhatsApp.

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