How To Install Xposed Framework On Bluestacks

How To Install Xposed Framework On Bluestacks

For Rooted Bluestacks Only


>> Rooted Bluestacks
(Download From Here)

>> Xposed Installer

Download Xposed From Here



1. Create Root.fs backup for later use if something wrong happen.

2. Extract downloaded Xposed APK file using 7zip or Winrar then open folder assets\x86, then rename “app_process_xposed_sdk16” into “app_process”.

3. Run Bluestacks wait until loading complete then Drag and Drop renamed “app_process” file into Bluestacks window (this process is to copy “app_process” file into Bluestacks shared folder).

4. Still in Bluestacks, Install Root Explorer or any File Manager apps that can access root.

5. Install downloaded Xposed APK file then open.

6. Uncheck auto update in “Settings” option.


How To Install Xposed Framework On Bluestacks



7. Open “Framework” option and click Install, when requesting root access then Allow or Grant, when requesting restart then click Cancel.







8. Open Root Explorer or other File Manager then

     a. Browse into /system/bin

     b. Rename app_process-arm into app_process-arm.orig

     c. Rename app_process into app_process-arm





9. Still in Root Explorer then

    a. Browse /sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder

    b. Copy “app_process” file inside BstSharedFolder into /system/bin

    c. Change “app_process” file Permission to 0755 dan Owner.Group to Root.Shell







10. Close Root Explorer then Restart Bluestack. When no error then you ready to install Xposed Module. When error happen (Bluestacks cannot boot) then restore Root.fs backup to Bluestacks folder and repeat from beginning. To Uninstall Xposed just using standard uninstall then Restore Root.fs backup.
Good Luck
Tutorial by
Naveen Yadav

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