Freecharge has now taken up a big step by introducing FreeCharge Go MasterCard which is your secure virtual card linked to your FreeCharge Balance. And you can use this FreeCharge Go MasterCard to shop and pay online anywhere in India with your FreeCharge Balance. Use your FreeCharge Go MasterCard to keep your banking details secure online just like a regular card for online payments. So hurry up and get your Freecharge Go MasterCard now.

Note : This Feature (FreeCharge Go MasterCard) is only visible in Desktop site, so follow below given steps in PC else you can’t see any option.

Freecharge Go MasterCard
Steps To Get FreeCharge Go MasterCard:

1). Login to your Freecharge AccountVisit Here.

2). After Login, Go to Account Section.

3). Now there you can see Freecharge Go MasterCard Option or Visit Here  to create your Card directly.

Freecharge Go MasterCard

4). Now set your MPin To start using it & click on submit.

Freecharge Go MasterCard

5). Finally you can see your FreeCharge Go MasterCard which is now ready to be use on any website.

How To Use Freecharge Go MasterCard:

Step 1: Select the “Credit Card” option on the checkout page of your favourite website/app

Step 2: Copy and use the FreeCharge Go MasterCard number, valid till date and CVV and proceed to checkout

Step 3: You will receive the OTP for verifying the transaction on your FreeCharge registered mobile number

Step 4: Enter the OTP and you are done!

Tip: Add Freecharge wallet balance in Oxigen wallet or  Paytm Using FreeCharge Go MasterCard & Transfer all your balance directly in Bank Account.


1). What is the FreeCharge Go MasterCard?

It is an entirely digital card that you can use just like a regular card for paying online.

2). How do I apply for the FreeCharge Go MasterCard?

You can apply for the card from your FreeCharge account on the mobile app or website. You will be required to set an MPIN for added security, and you will need to enter the MPIN to view the card details.

3). What is MPIN?

MPIN is an added layer of security for your FreeCharge account. You would have set your MPIN when you created your FreeCharge Go Mastercard. You will need to enter the same MPIN to view the card details like card number and CVV.

4). How do I use my FreeCharge Go MasterCard?

Use it just like a regular card on any online payment gateway that supports MasterCard.

1. Copy the 16 digit card number and other details as required from your FreeCharge account and enter in the “Credit Card” option on the checkout page of your favourite Indian shopping website or mobile app.
2. Enter the OTP which will be sent to your FreeCharge registered mobile number to verify the transaction.

5). What is the balance assigned to my FreeCharge Go MasterCard?

It is linked to your FreeCharge Balance.

6). Where can I use my FreeCharge Go MasterCard?

You can use the card on all Indian websites and mobile apps.

7). How do I block my card?

You can do so by writing to us at with the subject “Block my Go card”. Please make sure this is sent from your FreeCharge registered email ID.

8). How do I reset my MPIN?

You can update the MPIN from your FreeCharge account. View your card and click on “Update MPIN”.

9). Where can I see the transactions that I have made using the card?

The transactions made with the card will be visible in your transaction history in your FreeCharge account.

10). I am not able to use my card with a particular merchant, what do I do?

Please verify that the merchant supports transactions in Indian rupees (INR). If you still face any issues, do write to us at and we will be happy to help.

11). Money is debited from my FreeCharge Balance but merchant is refusing the same, What do I do?

In such cases, we suggest you to follow these steps:
1. Talk to the merchant directly and if you are able to find a resolution, nothing like it.
2. We at FreeCharge do provide you a platform to resolve the issue with the merchant. All you need to do is to raise a request at
Just be assured, your money is safe with us and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get it back.

12). What if a transaction using the FreeCharge Go MasterCard fails or is rejected? What happens to my money?

A recharge or shopping transaction could be unsuccessful because of a number of reasons. The good part is that you will always get your money back. Your money will be instantly credited back to your FreeCharge Balance. Please check your account balance in case of failed transactions. If you do not see the money credited back, please let us know immediately by write to us at





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