Airtel New Your-Freedom VPN Working Trick|March-2015

Your Freedom is a VPN with which you can get High Speed free internet on Airtel…Unlike NMD vpn, this is fast and ALWAYS WORKING


Table of Contents


For Mobile Users:


  • Now Click On Server Connection And Edit Like Below Screenshot


        Leave blank all other fields
        Now Enjoy Like Paid Net.
        Time Limit = 6 hours/ Day
For PC Users:
  • Download Apps
  • Then Click on the Configure button. Then click on server selection on that software and write Address: Connection type: DNS
  • port 53
  • Now go to Account Information and add your username and password that you have registered in the first step.
  • For Configuring Browser- *.Open your Firefox and then go to Options > Advanced >Network> Settings then click on Manual proxy configurations and type and Port:8080
  • For Configuring IDM- *. Open IDM and then go to Options > Proxy/Socks > Use Proxy then type and Port:80, then tick the boxes http,https,ftp
  • Now click on Start Connection on the Your Freedom software.


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